Friday, May 02, 2008

Off to Maker Faire

Saturday I am spending the whole day at Maker Faire. First a couple hours of volunteer work there (they call my position a runner. Glorified name for a Go-Fer).

The rest of the day I'll be walking around, taking pictures and gawking like all the other folks there.

I hope that I need to "run" close to the Yarn Harlot while she's speaking.

I want to do some zen paintball art with Garth from Extreme Craft.

I want to see robot wars, and the mouse trap, and Swap-a-rama...

and I've got phone numbers of some of the people I met at CraftCon, so ideally we meet up for something to eat and drink.

and there are lots of other crafters and makers and people there

and I am almost as excited as a little kid of Christmas Eve.

One local tv show called this Burning Man meets Martha Stewart. But I'm thinking it much better than that.

There may be a "OMG my legs have died" post on Sunday. There will be photos and story by Tuesday.

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