Saturday, January 27, 2007

Creating A Connection:Visitor to your Home

Well, the Create A Connection exercise for this week from DebR. looks like fun. I kinda don't like the "hometown" thing.. because, well, this isn't my hometown. Not even my home state. However, I've lived here almost 9 years and I've been blogging for 3, so anyone I've connected it through blogging would know me as a bay area gal. And a small tradition says when you hit 5 years in a "new" city.. you ARE a native.

Kewl. (oh, wait.. that's SoCal.!!)

The set-up:
Imagine you've made a connection with another blogger who lives in a completely different part of the world than you do. This blogger is about to take a trip and the connection you've made is so strong that she is going to make your house one stop on her trip. (Yay!) Unfortunately she can only stay at your place for 24 hours (boo!), but she'd like to see some nearby sights while visiting with you.

A Visitor to Your Home

1. Your visitor wants to see something historical. Where would you take her and why?
2. She wants to see something hysterical...well, mildly amusing anyway. She'd even go for cute, quirky, odd, or unique. Where would you take her and why?
3. She wants to take some beautiful and/or interesting photos to fill her albums when she gets home. Where would you take her?
4. She'd like to buy a souvenir that will remind her of your area every time she sees it. What would you suggest and where would you go to get it?
5. Wow, it's been a long day and you're both ready for a snack, or maybe even a meal. Where would you take her to really get the flavor of your area?
Darn. I really wish that Lucy had a bit more time. I would like to go to Alcatraz as I never have been. But you usually need reservations and it takes so much time (travel, wait, boat, walk, boat, travel...) that I don't think I can add this to the day. However, if any one else wants to come visit me and go there... this is your invitation!

Because of the limited time and some specific plans in here, I'm combining a couple of these places in our one long-ish day. And to make this easier on me, I'm declaring my friend's name is Lucy. Not for any particular reason... it's just short, easy to type and I don't think I know anyone in blogland named Lucy.

So just pretend her name IS Lucy.

I picked Lucy up late yesterday night, chatted a bit and settled her into "Chez Roby" with her wifi, tv and private bath to rest and relax. Before leaving, we have a healthy filling breakfast because there aren't any great breakfast diners around me. (more's the pity. And NO IHOP does not count!!). There isn't much of a rush here...

Our first stop Pt. Pinole.

This is part of the East Bay Regional Park system and a true gem. It's a large public park with views of the bay that could not only fill Lucy's album but also grace her walls. It's location on the water means that it's part of the major migratory bird flight path. However, Pt. Pinole is located where the old Giant Explosives Plant used to be. Some of the structures still exist, and we'll walk around and through these. We can stand on the large base where the company vault was (it's not a grove of trees in the picnic area), imagine being in building where they actually mixed the nitro... and imagine pushing carts of the stuff to the step in the production down Angel Buggy Trail. Yes. Have a bad day and you and your buggy meet the angels. So some history and great photos.

Oh, BTW, everyone who comes to visit us gets a trip to Pt. Pinole. Even business associates of the spouser's who are only visiting us for dinner one evening. So all you real blogger friends are forewarned. Pack Your Walking Shoes.

From the park, we will head across the San Rafael bridge, driving past San Quentin and lunch at Marin Brewing Co. Great burgers and tasty brews. Since I'm driving, I'll probably stick to rootbeer. (sigh).

We head south to the Scenic Viewpoint for the Golden Gate Bridge. (Again... great photos and history.) before heading south over said bridge.

Here, we park somewhere along the embarcadaro and stroll the tacky tourist spots for the rest of the afternoon: definate opportunities for souvenir shopping here. We'll probably stop at one of the places on Fisherman's Wharf for something fresh for supper.

We end the day at Club Fugasi for the hysterical part of this day: Beach Blanket Babylon!! a cabaret-style show that comments on things rather currently in the news... with music and REALLY BIG HATS. Lucy and I will compete to see who knows more of the songs used in the show.

Afterwards, we get a little lost while I figure out how to find the freeway. Lucy is catching a red-eye to her next stop... is it your house??

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