Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Plan Begins...

Pine and Heron. Taken at Cesar Chavez park in Berkeley.

I had to wait 30 minutes yesterday before I got my hair cut, so I used the time to walk over to the Barnes & Noble and examine the books on PhotoShop. I walked out with this book.

Step #1 for my goal of actually learning PhotoShop Elements this year.

I'm having my toe fixed next week, which will require four days off my feet and a total of 2 weeks of taking it easy and recovery. My plan is to spend a lot of this time working on the program. By the end of January I should will be able to do basic editing and some simple special effects. Specific goal: know how to add text to a photo.

Today is all the pre-op doctors appointments in prep of next week. My family doctor has to guarantee that I have a pulse and normal blood pressure but not a fever; my foot doctor will go over the details of when and what. These sandwich a quick workout. And sandwiching all this is time organizing the workroom and planning some work for the next week.

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