Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Year of Living ProActively


After re-reading my affirmations for this year, and reading Crazy Aunt Purl's Really Big List for Aught Seven (she being another crab like myself).. I've decided that the word for the year will be ProActive.

I LOVE when she listed these items for the year:

• Understand that all change, even good and happy change, comes with stress.

• Make every effort to be happy. Choose to work hard, live well, and love someone. It's all a choice. I could just as easily choose to hole up, wonder why things are the way they are, and complain. But I don't want to! I want the baseline to always feel safe, but in between I'd rather choose risk over fear, temptation over empty, something (even just the hope of something) instead of the safety of nothingness.

• Don't take the easy way out.

• Appreciate.

Sitting home wishing for things to change doesn't work. Nobody is going to knock on my door and hand me what I want. If they did, I wouldn't value it. I am going to have to venture outside my comfort zone (my recliner) and DO things. What, I don't know yet. I will spend the next couple weeks working on that.

I see the possibility for big change this year but it won't happen if I don't work at it. So 2007: The Year of Living Pro-Actively. Who's with me on this? (and who's way ahead of me??)

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