Friday, January 05, 2007

Making a new list and checking it...

OK, for many people the idea of making a list and checking it ended a couple weeks ago when Santa made his rounds. The list of working on now is a whole lot different.

It's time to nominate blogs for the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards. Almost all the blogs I'd nomimate would fall in their "craft" setting, where I'm limited to nominating three. I find it really hard to limit myself that far.

Without blinking I came up with:

In A Minute Ago . Sharon writes such a beautiful, specific and detailed blog on the needlearts. While her 100 details in 100 days started both a discussion group and a flickr group last year, I'm sure her "Take a Stitch Tuesday" will be even more successful this year. Her blog is focused, visually appealing, and a continuing source of inspiration for her readers.

Grumperina Goes to Local Yarn Shops and the Home Depot.

A Bird In Hand.

Posy Gets Cozy


Wee Wonderfuls

Wish Jar

Art Junk

See Eunny Knit

The Yarn Harlot

Now I'm sure there are blogs I've missed and blogs I haven't found yet. So HOW can narrow this list down to just three??

And I'd love to hear: which blogs would you nominate for "Best Craft Blog?" and why??

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