Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Will You Be Doing on March 27th??

Silly question, is it? Well, not really. On March 27th hundreds of women will be taking on what they DO in an average day, then sending their journal of the day into Joni Cole. She in turn will turn these journals into her third A Day In The Life books. And this book, she wants to concentrate on working women.

But honestly, almost all women work (ok, Paris Hilton is a possible exception). Whether we "answer to the man," "make it on our own," volunteer, or simply work for own satisfaction. How much our days are similar? How different?

I heard about this project from Elena Center's piece at BlogHer, and as Elena explained:

To be part of this writing project, you'll need to complete a confirmation form saying you plan to keep a day diary.

Joni says in the last book 600 people committed and 500 submitted their diaries. The book featured 34 complete entries and excerpts from more than 200 other diaries.

Just click here to get your confirmation material. Have fun. I hope that many bloghers will participate on March 27th.

I've signed up for the project and I hope you do too. Imagine being able to actually read what an artist's or teacher's day is like!

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