Thursday, January 25, 2007

Invitation To A Virtual Quilt Get-Away...

The Way To The Beach
Today most of my Pickle Pals are heading down to Pajaro Dunes (between Santa Cruz and Pacific Grove) for a get-away weekend. Each year we rent a condo for three nights, with the aim of some serious sewing and/or retail therapy time. If you click on the link above, you can take a "tour" of one of the condos.

The one we rent is three levels: the top most floor is the living space (shown prominantly in the tour)... living room/dining area/kitchen. This floor has the best views of the Monterey Bay and beach. It's where most of us set up sewing machines or sit and knit. Below are two floors with sleeping quarters and bathrooms.

Anyway, because of the foot surgery I declined to go this year. First I wasn't sure about the timing and the healing involved; second, I figured I wouldn't be walking on the beach much.. and beach-walking is a key activity for me; and third.. I always end up sleeping on the bottom floor. Way too many steps if I weren't completely healed.. and too many if I had delayed the surgery.

A couple other Pickles aren't going either for a variety of reason. So this year we decided to participate in our own virtual quilt get away. And I'm inviting you to join us.

Just pretend that you are here Condos, Stairs and Beach at Pajaro Dunes
and take some time to work a project this weekend. As if you were on a get-away. Write about it. Post photos. Have fun.

The only thing missing is the sound of the surf...

Photo credits: Pajaro Dunes Vacations.
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