Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fiber and Friends.

I MUST give props to friends. I'm (nearly) 55 and it's only recently that I've had friends I can rely on in the thin as well as the thick. (I'm hoping that's right...). With my gimpy foot, I've had to rely on others for a while... and it's even hard for me to write those words. My life experience says: need help? Help yourself or be disappointed.

Monday is our traditional "Pickle" night. We women get together somewhere for a couple hours of food and fellowship. I wasn't sure if I'd make it, mainly because of the driving. But over the weekend Clara emailed me and offered to drive me home if the spouser got me there. What's the problem, you might ask? Well, Clara (though the closest to me..) lives about 10 miles away over the hills requiring her to drive a dark road that she hates. Especially at night.

In the past, I wouldn't have accepted this offer.. making life "easy" for her and staying home. However, I realized something: she chose to offer knowing better than I do how she hates driving that road. If I turn her down? I'm diminishing the quality of the gesture she made. So I called (late) to take her up on the offer.

She didn't get the message and showed up a little surprised but willing to act. Now here's where I get blown away. Another pickle.. one who lives a full 30 minutes away from me and not on my side of the bridge... (say howdy to Debbie!!) offered to drive me if Clara was too tired to do so.

Anyway, someone has come to visit with me Tuesday and Thursday.. so I'm getting lots of friendly support.

Friends. Who can predict the the depth and breadth of friendship? It's blown me away.

And on to fiber...
While I've been sitting around with my feet up, I have finally begun to work on my hand-dyed linen napkin bags.
Machine Stitched Napkin Bag
This bag is completely machine stitched with one of my favorite Pfaffie decorative stitches then put together.
Embroidered Napkin Bag
While this bag has been hand embroidered then lightly machine stitched.
Close-up of Embroidered Napkin Bag
A close up of the embroidery.

I am so getting over the "romance" of these textiles. They are difficult to work, always wanting to go off grain. But I've got about 10 bags in various stages of completion.. so I've got to buck it up for a while. Then just never do this again.

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