Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Virtual Retreat Redux...

This past weekend, several of us held a "virtual retreat". Instead of packing up and moving to a new location, we pretended to be away but work at home. It was fairly successful. And kewl.

I really need to work my ArtShare pieces. In November I promised to send FIVE small art pieces out to (checks records). Have I made then yet? Nope. I'll admit, my first instinct was to make up some of my napkin bags and male those off... who knows, I still may. But I was also interested in making some pieces, and playing some more with compositions based on the circle and triangle.

Started on Friday.. piece #1:
Piece #1, Sunday Morning
The multi-colored piece is yet more of my hand dyed damask tablecloth. I've adjusted the top-most circle some. This piece needs some added texture, and the edges stitched shut, then it's done.

Started Saturday Morning, piece #2:
Piece #2, Sunday Morning
I dont' know why I went so pastel and soft here. The damask is the background.. most of the triangles are commercial fabrics. It still needs stitching and the triangles need some embellishing.

Started Saturday Afternoon (while other pieces were "stewing") Piece #3:
Piece #3, It's a Start
Really just begun here. I stitched the background with a nylon thread, wanting texture but not any color. I fear that the texture is too subtle, but we'll see in the end. There are more steps involved here, but I'm saying till I'm showing it to ya!

These small pieces (they are all maybe 10x15" or so...) are have been fun to work on.

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