Thursday, February 01, 2007

Piece Three... First One Done

Ok.. so I ended up working out of sequence.. but this piece yelled at me yesterday that it wanted done. I actually worked on this until after 10 pm. last night... missing the first part of the Top Chef finale.. and not carrying at all.

When I got home from a very short workout at the gym, I continued the base stitching:
Calypso, halfway

Including putting whorls (or moon craters) on the circles:
Calypso, stitching close-up

In the evening, I added the orange triangles and stitched them in place with orange rayon thread and feather stitch:
Calypso, done

At which time the piece told it's name was Calypso! And that I need to make a sister piece to this which will be called "Eclipso"!!

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