Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well Crazy Aunt Purl is back in the groove! Horoscopes two months in a row!! Well, maybe groove is too strong a word, after reading this. I swear she promised me an extra-super special something for this month!!

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)
Oh crap. You got me again as your ASTROLOGER! Didn't you learn, last year, when I wanted us to start a gang called the Cancer Crips? All I can say about February is resist the temptation to ostrich! You may well want to bury your head in the sand, but truth is you're smarter and more pragmatic than anyone on Team Problem, so do not hide from your primary challenge this month. (It is hard for me to take my own advice, but I try.) The good news is that although we are prone to forget the past only when it suits us, truth is we are having a MUCH better year so far than we were having this time last year. If you need proof, just browse backward through your old diaries, old receipts, old memories. And for a Cancer, that is progress! Also, on an unrelated note: Perfect flawed Cancer, forget about this Valentine’s Day horsesh*t. Just enjoy the discount pink items on the 15th, remember that love does not get one designated day, and rise above any expectations of forced romance. Hallmark holidays are not for crabs. We prefer our maudlin romanticism on unexpected Tuesdays in June or October or March, thankyouverymuch.I
I have set a personal goal for this year: to get out of the house, make more friends, and find something worthwhile to do that makes me happy. Probably starting with volunteering, as I haven't worked is years, don't believe that I have anything to offer anyone, and cannot conceive of anyone paying me to do something more complicated than being a "greeter" in a big box store. (That job? Just shoot me, please).

So this acting like an Ostrich thing?? I completely understand that. And while it is true that I'm fabulous at problem solving.. and can deal better than most in those situations.. I wonder where to apply this.

My gut instinct is to look at a museum or art center somewhere. See how specific I am?? How focused and clear visioned?? I'm in trouble.

On other fronts:

I've given up on the second piece I started last week. I'm having no luck in "shaking it up" a bit at the moment. So it's placed away for another day. Maybe I will make some fabric beady-things for it or maybe I'll pack it for my class with Rayna in April.

I'm finishing up the first piece (tentatively called "Jig"), and I'm thinking about the next one. These artshare pieces will be mailed SOON. And Arlee, I STILL need your address!

This week I picked up the 2nd book in the "Inheritance" trilogy: Eldest. When I reserved it from the library I was the 23rd person on the waiting list (but we have a large county.. and only one copy available!!) Talk about pressure to finish it and pass it on to whoever is next!! I enjoyed the first book but have decided to Netflix the movie. I understand it's pretty bad.

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