Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nearly Native

Nine years ago today, I woke up at my friend's house in Cleveland Hts., ate a bowl of slow-cooked oatmeal, loaded my two dogs into their crates and had one of said friends (Jerry) drive us all to the airport. Jerry's wife, Charlie, cried deep and sad tears when we said goodbye. She always hated change.

At Hopkins, Jerry waited with me as we checked my baggage including the crates, and stood at a window making sure the crates made it into the belly of my airplane. Then I hugged him goodbye, boarded the plane and moved to California.

Nine years. I think when I reach the 10 year mark, I officially become a native.

I arrived at SFO about noon; it was cloudy and threatening to rain not unusual for winter time here. Especially since it was a significant El Nino year. The spouser met the plane (yeah.. remember before 9/11 when people could come to the gate? Truthfully, I like it a whole lot better now that they can't), laughed at my "stress-insanity" permanent (we won't go there!!) and we caught up while waiting for the luggage. Both dogs were happy to be back on the ground and thrilled to see the spouser after a 6 week separation.

We drove in the drizzle across the bridge and up the freeway to our new home. We closed on it Friday (my part was long-distance), the spouser moved his suitcases in on Saturday. It was empty except for 2 sleeping bags and so terribly white inside. Off white walls, off white carpeting. They would not be able to get our phone or cable installed for almost a week because the wet weather precluded working the outside wiring.

Monday the movers appeared with all with belongs.. and Sears showed up with our refrigerator. Things would eventually fall into a new normal. I'd find the grocery store, the freeway, and eventually make friends.

Happy anniversary to my new life!!

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