Friday, February 23, 2007

Taxing Issues...

I spent half of Thursday finishing up our taxes. All I can say it Thank Goodness for Turbo Tax, as it would have been a 3 day job easily with pencil and calculator. Add this, calculate that, find Box 4C and put 1/2 that figure onto line 942 and into worksheet 4760 on line 3. Whoever wrote the instructions for tax forms (or the tax laws) should not call themselves a writer!

We're getting small refunds, so the forms will be mailed soon. I need to check on one thing that doesn't seem right and make the deposit into my IRA account. Then, mail these monkeys in. Yippee!!

But there wasn't enough extra time to do all the work on my Eclipse-Oh! Oh, it's coming along fabulously... but it's not done yet. There is a lot of stitching yet to go. And still some layering of fused elements. Are you intrigued??

Today I have (another) appointment with the foot surgeon; he'll check to see how much I can bend my toe (not enough) and how the scar is healing (better). Hopefully this is the last visit until my other foot hurts too much to bear. After that I hit the gym, then home to work! One thing I'm doing is writing some stuff for a friend. I hope to have it finished up by this afternoon. I mentally work on the writing while I'm stitching, then write while I contemplate the next step in the stitching.

Sure makes me take my "writer/artist" line seriously! And I guess I will finally get my ArtShare piece mailed on Monday!! Yes, I'll take photos first and identify the recipients all.

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