Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time, Time, Time...

My neighbor's iguana sunning itself on the deck. Can I just say I LOVE the telephoto on my new camera!! That iguana was about 50' away from me.

Yesterday Judy asked about how we plan our days... when do we do our fiber work and when do we do our other life maintenance stuff? GREAT question!!

Lately I've been breaking my day up into three or four parts that might vary in actual length a little:

Early to mid-morning: This is when I email, read online articles and write. My normal goal is to work until I have two good things published (I write for 3 blogs plus BlogHer and I've invited to write for a fourth website). In past months, I could do that fairly easily; at the moment it's harder (I'll allow it's the anesthesia), and I often stop without reaching my goal. Time limit for this part of my day is roughly 10 am.

Mid-morning: This is a physical break in activity. This is when I walk the dogs, go to the gym, and run any errands that need to be run that day. It's a variable 2-4 time frame. I've discovered that I need the physical movement in order to focus enough to be creative next. Gym time runs from a fast 45 minutes of elliptical and stretching to 2 hours (elliptical, session with trainer, stretching, shower). Walking the dogs is another 20-45 minutes. Yes, I adapt the dog walk to the gym work so that the total time spent is about 1.5-2 hours.

This is also when I grocery shop, run other errands and do some housework.

Afternoon: This is when I'm physically creative. I've spent the hours just prior to this doing the mental planning, when I walk into the studio this is when I work. (plan for today: clean up the messes so I can find actually find things.) This time can then progress into the evening.

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