Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A dark ceiling of clouds can feel oppressive, but the that slice of bright hope near the horizon offers a moment of hope.

I am busy working. Wednesday a clear idea developed for the next piece in the group started at the Virtual Retreat: Eclipse-Oh. It will be a sister piece to Calypso. The work on that has begun and hopefully should be done on Thursday.

I also went out today to talk to the coordinator at the local Art Center about volunteering there. We talked a bit about the skills I have and those I need to polish; then she looked at where their needs are and suggested that I work with their exhibit coordinator. It sounds like one of the first tasks will be to perfect their press contact data-base, and then work with her on Public Relations. Plus when the current exhibits needs to be rotated (late March), get in there and physically work with the exhibits.

I've told them to plan on one afternoon a week for a minimum of 3 months. They are pleased, and so am I. This is another step in my plans for this year. It gets me out of the house and among real human beings!! (even if I'm working on computers part of the time).

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