Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Great Monday...on Wednesday...

I only belong to two fiber groups at the moment: SAQA and Valley Stitchers Art Guild. Valley Stitchers in a regional guild that promotes any and all kinds of fiber arts; we have knitters, weavers, paper artists, polymer clay artists, wearables and quilters. You name it... it's probably there. The guild has no show, great programs, and a reasonable annual dues: $25. At that it has about 175 members with over 100 attending each month's Monday morning meeting. (yeah, it's an older demographic. I think I'm one of the young ones.)

One way that the guild supports itself is to have "Little Shop" at each meeting. If there is something in your workroom that you no longer desire, members can donate it to the guild which then sells it very cheaply. They usually bring in about $100/month from the shop. Fabric is $1/yard.. books are $1 each...sewing baskets (filled with supplies) will be $2-3. You get the picture.

Very cheaply.

The photo above shows my finds for this month: A surface design book published in 1984 that reads like a textbook on the subject. I am loving this book. It cost me $1.

And that big bag of threads and yarns?? A quarter.

Our speaker this month was a designer/teacher from southern California: Nick Coman. He gave he a very nice talk about color theory; later in the day he held a workshop on tread painting (nope, I didn't attend).

Next month, we have Sandi Cummings talking about "thinking outside the block"... and in April Miriam Nathan-Roberts will give a talk on her evolution from a traditional quilter to an art quilter.
Thanks for the comments wanting more info on my camera.

It's a Canon Power S2. This camera has Image Stabilization (one of the main reasons I bought it), so slight photographer's/camera shake doesn't lead to a blurry photo. It also has a 12x optical zoom plus a 4x digital zoom (which ends up being a 48x total zoom) so you can get quite cozy up to things. Like the neighbor's iguana, or their roosters strutting all over the place). The nice LCD screen flips out, turns at angles, or sits in the camera. But you can close it up (which protects it from damage) and look through the viewfinder if you wish.

I used the viewfinder to take this picture the day I got the camera.I twisted the viewfinder around and used it to make sure everything was lined up right. No standing in front of a mirror required. (in fact, I was outside). Cool for me.

The newer version of this camera is the S3. Since that came out, the price has dropped a nicely on the S2, making it a more attractive deal for me!!
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