Saturday, December 29, 2007

About that Blogging MoJo...

So I went and bragged that I'd gotten my MoJo back. Posts regularly... original posts, even! Then I got hit with this plague/cold that's running across the country and my mojo took the first bus to Mexico. Deserting me when I need it most.

I'm trying to wrap up work from 2007 so that the new year comes in with a clean, fresh pallate (as it were), but it's not quite working. Yesterday, in a bit of a blue mood, I vowed to fold and organize the fabrics that I'm keeping in my stash. Could not get my heart or head wrapped around that task, however. In a move to honor being present in the moment, or completely lost in my work, I pulled out paper and did some sketching instead.

It's nothing totally original. We'd gotten these great tattooes at the Oakland Museum for the Day of the Dead. I'd used one as the inspiration for a paper cut-out and wanted to make a line drawing I could keep and refer back to. The more times I draw this out, the further away from the original I'll get. Eventually I'm going to have a unique skull drawing with my own fancy embellishments.

Anyway, totally lost myself in the work for an hour and feel better about that than having the fabric folded and sorted by color/theme/size/ or whatever qualifier I chose for the moment. Today I'll spend a little time doing the necessary work. But I've got to remember to spend time lost in creation, too.

What did you choose to do today that kept you lost in the present moment?

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