Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Live at the Intersection of Craft and Web 2.0

I've been hitting a number of holiday parties with the spouser this week. Explaining to people that I'm a blogger (and a paid, therefore professional, blogger) and explaining what that means is a challenge.

I've come upon a workable explanation in a way. Imagine that everything that exists on the web were placed along one line (websites, bulletin boards, groups, blogs, social network sites like Ravelry, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Then imagine that everything to do with handmade crafts and gardening existed along the other line.

You can slide the intersection up and down the Web stuff... or all along the craft stuff... from scrapbooking, through crochet and sewing and quilting and knitting. But wherever the two intersect, that's where I'm writing. The intersection of Web 2.0 and Craft.

While thinking about this, I found an old Gaping Void post that also explains the whole "web 2.0" thing. Where Web 1.0 was about taking (go, take information or buy something, then leave), Web 2.0 is about sharing... developing relationships.

Hey, if I perfected that drawing a bit, I could make it a t-shirt!!
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