Friday, December 21, 2007

GoodMail Day!

I commented yesterday (somewhere) that I had gotten my old blogging mojo back! I had posted for a couple days straight on both of my personal blogs, and was well on the way to completing my assignments for this weekend for BlogHer (big fat lie!) I was smokin'!

Yeah. Then reality hit today.

It was mid-afternoon, I was vacuuming up dog fur and mud (the perfect combination of mess), and trying to figure out WHAT I was going to blog about today. Mojo my big toe!!

Fortunately, the spouser was home and perfectly positioned to notice the mailman ringing the doorbell (the spouser was upstairs contemplating a nap... like I said, perfect position). Now friendly Mr. Mailman does not come knockin at the door without a purpose; our mailbox is at a "group home" at the other end of our court. (those who know my court, stop giggling!). He has to move his truck and walk to get to our doorway. So this was something special!

Indeed it was! A Royal looking box was sitting under all the appeals for charitable donations. And I could guess what this box held:

A Royal Box Appeared on my doorstep

Cookies! From the Queen of Spain!!

I might share the klotchy's (bowties) with the spouse... and I will definitely share the candy canes and xmas trees. (I am told that that is what the green things are were.

Now I have some xmas cookies to get me in the holiday spirit.. and I MUST bake the Russian TeaCakes I promised her. Tonight! Let the powdered sugar fly!

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