Monday, December 24, 2007

One of my hardest posts ever.

Last October I got several writing assignments for BlogHer's Holiday special. Two I didn't mind too much, but the last assignment, published Monday? Hard. Just plain hard.

Me, the non-shopper, non-gift-giver person had to write the gift guide for Kwanzaa. Now if you know anything about this 6 day celebration you know that it emphasizes a principle each day that the celebrants should focus upon. Oh, and gifts? Kwanzaa gifts should be meaningful, symbolic, personalized, ideally hand-made, and promote growth in the recipient.

Isn't this a writing assignment you'd give your eye teeth for? Suggesting items for a general population where the gifts should be personal.

Yeah. I knocked my head against my laptop for a long time while trying to cope with this. But a lot of thought and some help from friends yielded a post that I am now proud to attach my name to. Unless you find typo!

Won't be crossposting that one here. You'll have to go to the source to read all it's wonderfulness. Thank goodness on Saturday I hope to return to all the fluffy fiber fun I can find!

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