Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Invitation To Stop Leaking

This fall several creative-type friends and I have been working together on a small project: plugging some of the energy leaks in our lives. It's not a new idea; it's not a new exercise. It was a slightly new approach for us for several reasons:

  • It wasn't just a job list. We can all make to-do lists and work our way through them alone or with support of friends. We were determined to list those things in our lives that were standing in the way of our growing, in the way of our being more successful, in the way of our being more of who we really are.
  • We were banishing some of excuses that hold us back.
  • We were doing this in a group with encouragement and support.

There were interesting discoveries along the way:
  • we all began to notice those little "chores" that in the past we would put off, then add to a "to do" list. And we began addressing them before they made a list.
  • many of us found places of resistance: spots where the action we did not want to take was the block that held us back from taking a risk. If we removed the block, would we have no excuse for moving forward? Would we create another block?
  • we began discovering that we deserved more than we'd been settling for. We deserve to return home from a long day of work to an uncluttered house, not a home where we then have to spend time clearing it up. We deserve to have fun, to pursue dreams, to grow as individuals.
Everything that we leave undone, incomplete or unresolved distract us from living our lives today and drains our energy:
  • Doing what we've always done even if it isn't working;
  • Not being honest with ourself;
  • Avoiding conflict;
  • Imaging a better life, yet not acting on it.

Every action you take uses energy, and every action you don't take uses energy. Yet you are left with nothing to show for your inaction.

Our exercise was designed to last for 3 months and those months are almost over. Several of us are extending the exercise. In the meantime, I would like to offer you an invitation:

Would you like to participate in a similar group? I would act as the "group encourager"(pushing for weekly check ins, making some observations, sometimes asking the hard question...) to the small extent one would be needed. If you think you would like this here are the guidelines:

First, go read one of these life coach posts on Energy Drains:
this post by Christine Kane. She asked if We Were Leaking. This started the first group.
A 43Folders interview with GTD founder David Allen where they discuss leaks. It's all based upon the GTD plan, so if you're familiar with it this might help.
A general self-help overview on Energy Drains
A great list of Time Drains and Energy Drains. Any feel familiar to you?

For some additional comments check out this older video from zefrank (warning, he sings a song with an obscenity in it. ) He talks about "brain crack"... getting a great idea and how not executing it can be addictive. (OK, I'm guilty).

We would begin on Saturday, January 5th.

I would ask that you create a "leak list" as a Google Document that will be shared with everyone in the group. (yes, you need to create a Google ID if you don't have one already. But doesn't everyone already have one??)

You have to commit to checking in weekly. Even if all you say is that Life got in the way of your plans.

Your list is more than a work list. IF there are growth opportunities, fun, and social activities that you've been putting off, make sure they make the list! Curious what this looks like? Email me and I'll send you the link to the current Energy Leak lis.

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