Monday, December 10, 2007

Disruptions are Good??

This week my home is being invaded by workmen. They will be fixing the hole in our ceiling created when we moved our cold air return from over the steps to over a level surface. They will be painting our living room and adjoining open spaces (stairs, hall, dining room). Those who think they could do this themselves are braver than I when it comes to facing a 30' high ceiling, the minimal walls that attach to it, and the wide open spaces and curving lines of our staircase.

It's necessary, it's anticipated. And I hate it.

There is the disruption of my routine. The workmen will appear early each day. The dogs must be fed and in their cages before that happens. I must presentable, well, atleast dressed with my hair combed.

There will be different noises (and different music?) in the environment.

There will require different planning of activities. The dogs will need long escape times during the day, riding around in the back of my car. (atleast there it will be quieter for them).

There will be different smells and as the paint finally get applied to the walls the rooms will take on a different appearance. We are going a bit darker, from a very slightly off-white to a bone, a light taupy color that given the huge expanses will darken the spaces.

It will be OK. Challenges to our routines gives us opportunities to see where change could occur. I might finally be able to give up that before-I-go-to-the-gym-workout-and-shower bath! So wasteful of resources!

And when the week is over, I shall a home that looks even less like the cookie-cutter house we moved into 10 years ago, and more like an individual's home. Atleast I hope so.

Goodness, slightly darker colors. I'm going to need more light.
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