Thursday, December 20, 2007

Social Networks: Weird and Wonderful

I spend a lot of time on Social network sites (Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Ravelry, Twitter.) They are strange time sinkholes that occasionally become magic. Atleast that's why I say I keep coming back to them. For the magic.

Like Wednesday afternoon.

I'm researching an assigned article for BlogHer on top gifts for Kwanzaa (I know... I know.. they assigned THIS to the non-shopper, non-gift giver?? It is so unfair. SO PLEASE HELP ME!!). I'm online hitting my head against my laptop trying to think of gifts to match the principles. During these exercises, I always keep a tab open on Twitter. It's like the background office conversation for those of us who work at home. Or our coffee room. Or it is the internet's biggest not-so-secret-addiction. The concept is simple: you tell the world (or your friends and online associates) what you are doing or thinking RIGHT NOW. In 140 characters or less. Short, sweet and on to other things. Mobile friendly, many twitter from their phones. (I did during Bay to Breakers.)

While NOT finding inspiration for my article (gee, the description of celebration emphasizes the lack of presents or that presents should be personalized and hand made!), I also got to:

1. brag to all my friends that I'm now pressing my weight on the leg press machines. When I started 45# was a challenge;

2. tell someone to try nasal irrigation for his head cold.


3. have 2 people tell me they love me. That's more than I normally hear in a year. Often more than in a decade!!

See? Weird. And Wonderful.

Now what gift would perfectly symbolize Nia?

Purpose encourages us to look within ourselves and to set personal goals that are beneficial to the community. Can I suggest ComplaintFreeWorld bracelets?? (BTW, I just ordered a bunch of these that I will be sharing with all my friends! Friends, you are forewarned!)

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