Thursday, April 24, 2008

BSG.. the best drama nobody's watching

Have you been watching Battlestar Galactica? The new series began 3 years ago and just started its final season.

While I'll admit there are elements of the show I don't like (people in/out of a character's head to be precise), it's been the best sci-fi offerering since Fox pulled FireFly off their schedule. It's resemblance to the original does not extend far beyond some similar names.

BattleStar Ponderosa
(it starred Ben Cartwright after all) premiered in 1978 during our "culturally corny" hey-days, but, being a sci-fi gal, I wanted to watch it. (Disco and corny TV - now I remember why I became such a big fan of PBS then!)

When the new program premiered as a mini-series, it was dark and personal and a very serious drama. Maybe the programs something of the times, but I was drawn into this story early. Most of the main character names remain: There is an Admiral Adama, hotshot pilot Apollo (Adama's son, Lee) and Apollo's best friend, Starbuck. This time, however, Starbuck is the call sign for the blonde female hell-raiser Kara Thrace.

Katee Sackoff, who plays Starbuck, also played the first "bionic woman" when that TV show premiered last fall. I love watching Katee act and will keep an eye out for her name as a guide to future viewing. She's strong and fearless as an actress, but this is about her character...

It's been rare to see strong, damaged women being portrayed in tv or movies. Women can be strong OR damaged but seldom both. This seems to be changingas we characters like Kara Thrace and Grace Hanadarko, from Saving Grace. I am not going to suppose what these characters show about our current society. Maybe it's more honest to admit these characters are real so we can move away from the Madonna/Whore dicotomy?

I'm rambling.

Starbuck is damaged, so she lives full balls-out and out of control when she's not on duty - even when she is on duty if intuition makes it "feel" right.

She is the almost the exact opposite of me. I doubt I could ever live like her, but there are days when I envy that recklessness.

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