Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow...

April 15th Sunset

I know I've been quiet this week. Quiet, actually, a lot longer. This week, however, there has been a good reason. I've been cleaning.

Why is it when I start to organize my sewing room, I can only get so far along with the job? I get part done, and usually pile "I don't know where to put them" items in the part I still haven't straightened in a while. Then things get out of hand, again, and I'm forced to make decisions and sort and move things back to another spot I'm not organizing at the moment.

(and how does the room get so messy if I'm not in there working that much? Oh yeah, I use the room as a holding station for everything that comes into the house.)

This week I started going through items again: what are the projects that I've been piling on top of the sewing machine? In what order do I work on them? What about the rest of the clutter?

I decided that many of these projects are simple things: lengthen a pair of jeans, fix a zipper in a hoodie, sew a panel dress, bind a quilt, finish a felted purse. I am tackling these projects immediately. Work on one, get it out of the room, straighten a little more, work on another, get it out of the room. I'm making real progress here.

Others need decisions made: a quilt I pieced several years ago really needs borders; I dont' have any of the fabrics left. Do I finish it as is or seek out alternative fabrics for the borders? When I'm down to the pondering pieces, each one will get time up on the wall. I will sit with the project for an hour or a day and make a decision. Go forward or give up.

I should have a handle on this part of the project in about a week.

The weather is getting nice enough to consider heading outside to do some dye work and improved screen printing. Getting the visual distractions of the "fix me" pile gone should finally free up some visual space for designing.

Bout damn time.

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