Monday, April 14, 2008

The Week Ahead

Anymore I swear on Monday I look at the next week on the calendar and it's completely blank. Come back to check it out on Thursday and it's grown into something almost approaching a monster of logistics. I think part of the problem is having 3 different calendars (the one on my laptop, the paper one by the phone and the paper one in my purse.) that I don't take the time to compare every day.

I used to carry a cheap PALM that would sync to the computer, but I couldn't get that calendar to show up on my desktop or work as a reminder/alarm, so they were still independent programs that require my physically updating them all. PIA.

There are plans penciled in that aren't firmed up; I hold the space open as long as I can.. but when do you give up on tentative plans and just figure that the other parties involved don't care as much about the activity (or you) as you do?

This month I've suffered the MAJOR frustration of doing my best to communicate with people.. that is to send information OUT. Yet many of the people then suck my communication in like a black hole.. nothing is returned. What is the opposite of a black hole? That's me this month. And I'm getting tired of it.

This week: I have a tentative lunch tomorrow, an appointment Wednesday afternoon that's had the time changed twice. I had also accidently scheduled a dentist appointment for the same time; had to push that 2 hour plan to next week. Thursday has tentative plans; Friday my singing workshop has been changed up by 2 hours. I didn't find out about that until I showed up at the right time last week, so missed the class completely! (that blackhole thing...).

When these set/tentative plans work through, I have to hit the gym, walk the dogs, clean up my newly established office space, clean my studio so I can start sewing again, make a few phone calls, blog and write a proposal.

Could be a busy week out in the world.. or could be a long week working at home. Wish people would let me know if I indeed fit into their plans.


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