Friday, April 04, 2008

In The City...

24th Street

(from hand written notes this morning)

Doing this really old skool at the moment, using pen and paper to record my thoughts. I'm standing in an auxiliary space at the Brava Theater waiting to accept delivery of tables and charis for CraftCon this weekend. So wish I had a mobile phone, yet also know I cherish being free from the constant "noise" of the internets.

Instead I'm standing here watching the street. People walk by quickly with purpose, or casually sure of their destination and knowing that no clock applies. Cars and trucks go about their business. There is almost constant motion.

24 Street School Yard

This is a Latino neighborhood. mixed in with the standard city taupes, beiges and white are buildings of bright turquoise or deep gold. There are murals on nearly every block. The sun - the sun? in the city? really! - pools where it works down below the street trees. I can't identify the species.

24 Street Painted Lady
It's noisy yet quiet. There is LIFE here that I do not experience living in the suburbs. I'm drinking it in.

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