Thursday, April 17, 2008

Terrific Tees.. Signing Party

Roberta Deluz at Book Signing

Sunday I went to a book signing for my friend. Roberta's book, Terrific Tees, was published by C&T on Feb. 14th, and has been selling quite well. No surprise, it's a great book concept. Imagine making t-shirt quilts that look imaginative; where the t-shirts are an element of the design. NOT simple squares of t-shirts sashed and bordered and tied (or minimally quilted).

Like that Cal Bears t-shirt quilt in front of Roberta that has bear paw blocks mixed in with it. Get it? Bears and bear paws? Yeah.. great idea.
Motorcycle Tshirt Quilt by Roberta Deluz
One of her latest creations is very Roberta.. completely insane medallions (inspired by Karen Stone's phenomenal designs) with Hell's Angels t-shirts in the center. The idea I think started as the wheels of the cycles.. and kind of got taken to the extreme. One thing you can say about this quilt: it's not your boring t-shirt quilt.

Here's the center. Look at the density of the quilting:
Tshirt Center of Quilt

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