Sunday, April 06, 2008

Just a quick note..

This is CraftCon weekend, so I'm spending 2-2.5 hours/day (round trip) commuting into the city. But it's worth it, so far.

My talk on thinking about social media tools for the professional crafter ROCKED.

The people I'm meeting there are all cool.

I was neither the oldest one there, or the more boringly dressed.

You can catch the photos by checking Flickr photos tagged CraftCon.

They recorded everything in the main hall (I was upstairs in the dance studio), and it will available as podcasts in a few days at the website.

I forgot the card for my camera yesterday so only took a couple phone pix.

I can't wait for MakerFaire, and may make myself stay for the evening programs.

I wish I could have stayed for the gala last night, but I get home to feed the dogs. (does that sound lame?)

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