Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning My Soul

Lilacs, closeup

Spring. Spring Cleaning: cleaning out what you don't need anymore. Putting a fine polish on what you have. Taking stock. Appreciating. And laundry dried on the line.

I'm in the mood to do some serious spring cleaning. Spring cleaning my soul, my heart, my life. Letting slip the self-centered, energy-draining, loud, demanding, unreliable or unhappy. Appreciating those things that bring value to my life: the dependable, reliable, humorous, loving, affectionate, authentic.

Taking inventory of my soul. I am ready to give up:

Settling for less than I deserve.
Pre-supposing others' reactions. (so tiresome).
Part-way friendships. (yes, I've often done the limiting)
Remaining silent.
Hiding from the dark and unknown. (small steps here).
Expecting nothing good.
Exaggerating possibly great outcomes. (take what comes, whatever it is.)
Tight control. (it's exhausting).
Maybe any control. (it's an illusion).
Kentucky Fried Chicken.
TV during the day.
Bigger than I need.

In spring cleaning your soul, what are you ready to give up?

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