Sunday, January 30, 2005

Last night as we watched TV, Katy wouldn't relax her left rear leg. She's chew on the foot, extend the leg and pull it back, lift it off the ground. She was fidgety. A close examination showed a huge lump where her hip is.. (have I mentioned that Katy has hip displasia??).

So, being the good Canine Mom... I got some doggie steroids out of the kitchen, wrapped them in cheese (hmmm... cheese...), and fed them to her. Got an ice pack out of the freezer and sat on the floor, icing her hip. None of that helped any. But she fell asleep after a while, and I think her joint slipped back in where it belonged.

Anyway, she was up and walking fairly normal when I let her out for the last time Saturday night.

She's better today, but I'm taking no chances. So Katy is in stir today, as the photo above shows. And she ain't happy about it. I just let her out to piddle (a different meaning than the blog about piddling someone wrote the other day....)... and she immediately headed for the back of the pup-mobile. She's hoping to join me on my walk today. But it ain't happening.

Tomorrow I'll probably be confident in taking her for a stroll along one of the creeks... good sniffs there. Today, she'll have to be content with the familiar sniffs of home.


Anonymous said...

Alas, there is no more May Show. It died a painful death about 10 years ago, amid much discussion. I just left Cleveland in the fall after 26 years and was very involved with the excellent textile group that's affiliated with the Museum. I agree with you...that place is a treasure!! (This is actually a comment re: your post of several days ago.)


Debra said...

So, Jan, where did you escape to??