Monday, January 24, 2005

thought #2.

I need to clean my carpet cleaner again. I have a HOOVER floor cleaner. Bought it when we moved into this house. Offwhite carpet and black dogs just don't go together! When we replaced most of the carpeting with porcelain tile, the cleaner turned out to be easiest way to clean all the floors quickly and easily.

But the cleaner has some poor design features. The water and dirt that are sucked up into the cleaner must come up a very thin, narrowing mouth. And there are several plastic pieces in this mouth that hold the pieces together. All of this means that as one sucks up dirt and hair, they begin to stick to these points, and to the walls. This narrows the open space, reducing the suction, and making it easier for more stuff to stick in this space.

Yet Hoover not only doesn't make it easy to clean this out... they designed with no plans to every have it serviced so anyone could clean it! I did take it apart once, and it took 2 of us about another day to put it together. But it's time to tackle that job again.

Maybe I should also write Hoover and talk to a product engineer. It always amazes me that I talk so much about engineering since I never considered a job in that field.

Today I clean the house (and pay myself the $70 that I would have paid Dianne... Hello AQT!), then continue quilting on NOISE. It's really coming along. Take the dogs for a nice walk. Try to remember to catch ROUGH SCIENCE on PBS this evening. The socks I'm knitting are quickly approaching the end... I'm half way down the foot to the toe. Should finish this pair tomorrow.

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