Saturday, January 22, 2005

No new photos of work at this point. NOISE is off the wall and under the machine being quilted. I've designed the soul for the center of this, that part will come next week. Then borders, add a backing and quilt the pieces together (still some engineering in there).

Odd, I enjoy working on this piece, but I don't think it's really my work... my authentic self kind of work. I keep thinking about the pieces I will be working on next... how to draw the objects... how to engineer the construction... what parts should be cotton or a "flat" fabric.. and what parts will be silk... and what kind of silk. Interesting that I know already the next pieces will be a series. I won't exorcise this form demon in one piece.

Fortunately, NOISE will be done quickly probably by the end of next week. So this mulling is timely.

Not much sewing today. It's foggy and dull outside (though if I were back in the Great Lakes region, it would be snowing). Went for my weekly walk/talk with Linda; took Jake along. He's such a good dog to walk with when he's not trying to catch a truck. BLM (Basic Life Maintainence stuff:laundry, shopping, billpaying, etc.) in the afternoon. Tonight we settle down with another part of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. I love the visuals in this movie.

I may spend some time refining some of the shapes for the new pieces I'll be working on next.

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