Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ok, I've been working on this blog site. All is not perfect, but maybe it's a bit better. (VBG)...

I'm working on getting the Picasa thing to work so I can post photos directly to this blog. In the meantime, you can see some new photos by heading to my Webshots site (it's over ---> to the right in the LINKS section.) I just uploaded a photo of the latest Altered Post Cards, and two pictures from the process of making my Eighth Deadly Sin quilt. They are in the Art Quilt work, 2005 folder.

Today, I'm working early... 10 am to 1 pm. I would like to work more and later, but I'm off to convince the eye doctor that I need that lens replacement surgery NOW. Before I go, I have to get some supper fixed (stew... it will cook just fine on it's own while I'm gone, and I will be able to serve it when I can't see when I get home). I HATE having my eyes dilated.

So three hours of cutting rays and fusing them onto the wall... I put on music with a great tempo and dance my buns silly while I work!

Then cook, dr. visit, and home to sit fairly blind with WIDE OPEN IRISES all night. Hopefully I get enough vision back later to work a bit on the current pair of socks.

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