Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tuesday. I spent about half the day yesterday working on my Eighth Deadly Sin project. I got the first (background) layer on, and am cutting the middle and top layers of color. Think I may need more pieces made to finish this up.

I'm taking photos as the process continues to post as a kind of visual journal of the design process in this piece.

I also spent some time working on a small set of Altered Postcards. The end results are quite simple, but I like the appearance and the texture of these pieces.

Today I was supposed to attend an art class, but the schedule and reality are off by a week: next Tuesday is the day it begins. I don't know what will be done in the class... if it ends up being all "independant study" I will regret not signing up for a different class. Independant study is what I do at home.

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