Friday, January 07, 2005

Third time's the charm, right? I began posting again in the fall, then got distracted when I left for Art Quilt Tahoe, and never got back.

This is a kind of new year's resolution.

Looking at my calendar, the next week or so if filling up fast. I am committed to go to our guild's outreach meeting Tuesday morning at 9 am. 15 minutes from home; then drive back to town for my first art class at the Senior Center from 10 until 1. Walk the dogs, and still find time to think about creating.

I'm heading for a retreat beginning next Thursday, and I still don't have an idea on what I will be bringing. I have a small set of altered post cards to work on... i have general ideas of what i want to do, but haven't determined a color palette or specific design.

Wonder which websites I can find that give some direction on color decisions to help communicate the subtext of a piece.

Today, while doing laundry and other menial chores, firming up the plans on the these cards is goal #1.

I also have to firm up design elements for my Eighth Deadly Sin challenge. I know the sin: Noise. I know the general "shape" of the design. There is nothing about the sin that dictates or defines the colors... and that's where I'm waffling. I think I will be trying to do some simple silk screening on the pieced top. Wonder if I can get it as subtle as I want it?

Interesting that making some of the serious design decisions can waylay me for such long periods of time. Deciding on the color of the piece can make or break the whole concept. I hate to take the "I will hang this here, and it has to go with the furniture" idea... but when faced with no limiting factors by the idea, I am often stumped by this factor.

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