Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My tv-viewing activity anymore is knitting socks. I've made myself 3 pair (with yarn for 3 more); I've made 2 pair for friends, and have a 3rd pair to make.

And I've made a discovery. I don't like to wear the wool socks very often. (gee 2 of my pair are wool... the ones I'm working on now are wool.. and two of the balls for me are wool). They are too warm for me, and, in my hiking shoes a bit itchy. I much prefer the cotton/wool blends.. so I will be concentrating on that type for myself in the future. Everyone loves the pair of socks I'm working on now, maybe I can find someone who will want them!! (photo to come).

But I've additionally decided that when these socks are done, it should be time for me to begin working on the Prudence Mapstone freeform stuff that I really love to look at. Making simple little motifs at night (by then it will be summer and small pieces will be good..) will make a great change. First thing will probably be the purse I want to make from all the scrap pieces of sock yarn. (with other stuff thrown in ofcourse).

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Anonymous said...

I, too, knit socks as a tv-watching activity. (that is kind of an oxymoron, isn't it?) It is also great for dr offices. can't seem to drag the quilt along. /paula