Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Answers

photo: western redbud and Japanese lantern. A new entry in my Sidewalk Series.

For all of you who (thank you ) took the little quiz on Sunday. I quite understand not wishing to fill out a registrations form for the site just to get your answers posted.

So, incase you were curious about the answers:

1. I grew up in the greater Cleveland area.

2. I have been a crafter as along as I remember.

3. My favorite sport is baseball. (you may celebrate Easter in a couple weeks, I'll be celebrating Opening Day!).

4. I prefer reading mysteries and sci-fi. Just received a preview copy of Laura Lippman's "What the Dead Know" to read and review. Stay tuned.

5. Give me Old Fashioned Rock And Roll. Heck, even new fashioned R&R.

6. If we're going out for a bite, I'll never say no to Thai. The other three choices: fast food, Mexican and pasta, I'll probably pass on every time.

This weekend some of my friends are holding another virtual quilt retreat. From Friday evening (optional) through Sunday afternoon we will be sewing in our own studios. I have a large selection of 2-3 yard pieces, and will sewing myself some of these trumpet skirts for summertime.
For the virtual retreat, I'll uploading my photos as a Flickr Set if you'd like to follow along. Remember, if you find the photo on the set page too small to see to see the details, each photo can be clicked on to see it larger and with more details.

Later today I'll photograph the potential fabrics...

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