Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Better Than I Could Have Planned

Stone Angel. Sidewalk Series #2.

I mentioned on my other blog that one of goals for this week was to invite 2 specific friends out to lunch today. I had a feeling deep in my bones that we all needed it.

When I realized my phone was broken and I would have to go down to Energyville to get it fixed, I thought so much for lunch with gals. Monday evening we were all together for Pickles, and I mentioned it to one of them. Apologizing (though she didn't know I was planning on this invite, so why was I apologizing??)...

Turns out, however, that she needed to head to Energyville, too, to the store right next door to my Verizon tech support shop!! We made tentative plans!! I woke up happy and excited.

Success!! We three Amigas left to wander down the bay about noon. We successful ran our necessary errands, then found a perfect place for lunch: PF Changs.

Yummity. Sorry, no photos.

We shared: Lettuce wraps with garlicky chicken and veggies. Moo Shu Chicken. Szechwan Green Beans. Steamed rice (both brown and white), and a truly delicious pot of tea. Talk. Laugh. Meaning of Life.

When the fortune cookies came, mine read: Your friends will be impressed with your generosity. I knew exactly what it meant. I picked up the bill.

We couldn't be that close to StoneMountain and Daughter without stopping in. Besides, I needed some fabric to finish off that blue skirt I cut on Saturday. They didn't have anymore. But they did have a nice Japanese cotton that almost exactly matches one of the colors, the weight and the hand. I picked up 2/3rds of a yard, and should be cutting and sewing on Wednesday.

So my plan was to simply these gals for a nice easy lunch somewhere. Instead we got a short road trip, a great chance to visit, and some time away from our every-day activities. We all got home refreshed and ready to deal with our lives.

It turned out better than I could have planned.

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