Saturday, March 24, 2007

Virtual Retreat, End of Day One

Lantern and Shrubbery. Part of Sidewalk Series #2.

Saturday Evening.

My retreat goal is to sew up a few skirts this weekend. At the end of day one, it looks like I may only get one or two done over the weekend, but I should have a good start to continue through the week and get more done.

Friday evening I gave myself a long facial, though to the outside world it might have looked like I was cleaning the steam vents on my iron. I filled the tank five times with water and/or vinegar and let it all steam through the jets. The amazing quantity of brown sticky gunk running out the vent holes was shocking. Even so, today while sewing I still got some fine brown spit on the skirt.

Anyone know what sticky brown crud could be and where it came from? simply from using tap water? I steamed, I rinsed, I used a small brush to scrub out the vent holes. The gunk is IN the iron. It might be time to consider a new one??

Anyway, after trying to clean the iron I pressed all the fabrics and the pattern pieces. However, I needed light to copy the pieces so that it was for Friday night.

I began working Saturday about 9 am. Taped the pattern onto my light box (ie. the sliding patio door) and traced the pieces onto freezer paper. Then adjusted the size of the pattern pieces for my somewhat shorter stature. Also, by shortening it a bit, I had enough of the pink/green fabric. Four inches longer all around, and I would have come up short.

I started cutting out the blue and white Ikat; OOPPS. Even shortened, not enough fabric to cut everything out. I put is aside. That was about 11 am.

I laid out the pink/green and carefully measured out the pieces before I began cutting this one. When I was certain that everything would work, I cut.

Measure Twice, Cut Once! So brilliant someone should that as a motto!

Spent the rest of the day in production mode, seaming, stitching, pressing, etc. It took me until 7 pm to get the skirt put together. Tomorrow morning I have the waistband to do. Then I'm going to try and figure out how to smoothly hem this. (the pattern directions are so helpful: turn the hem up 1/4" twice and stitch.) No clue about how to even up the edges. Sigh.

What happens after that? We'll see.

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