Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Off

I took the day off from much work today, choosing instead to feed my spirit. Yesterday I invited my friend Janice to join us on a park walk. This morning we headed off to Pt. Pinole (one of my very favorite parks in the area) with Katy, Jake and Janice's wild-furchild, Woody. While the two of us walked and visited, Katy nicely walked along keeping up with us gals. The two wild boys ran and chased balls and needed leashes to restrain them from swimming in forbidden waters.

On the way home, we stopped at a small Mexican market to look for green plantains and vanilla mangoes. I had success with the mangoes (joy!), but no joy with the plantains.

This afternoon I am going through my closet trying on all my clothes. If something fits (really fits), I'm keeping it. If it's just a little tight, I'll keep it because I'll be fitting in soon. If it's too big.. guess what? In a bag for Goodwill right now! I am not going to give myself permission to slide back into these things. Fortunately, I have about the smallest wardrobe of anyone I know. (4 jeans, 15 or so t-shirts, a couple dresses).. so it won't take long.

As a reward.. I may even allow myself some relaxing time in the jacuzzi or sit reading on my back porch swing.

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