Saturday, March 10, 2007

Craft Talk

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Spring is slowly moving northward, meaning time spent outdoors walking in the parks, working in the gardens, and maybe catching some rec-baseball games. What better thing to keep me company than a selection from the skilled women who produce Crafty PodCasts.

A run-through of those podcasts still bringing the goods:


Annie Smith is still doing Quilting Stash, and Elle is asking those who care to become art quilt ambassadors at Sew Chick.


Guido is a Boston guy with fiber issues and a great podcast!

Christa Knits is updated about once a month.

Let's Knit2gether is the first vcast for knitters. Watch Cat spin.

The Mosh Knitter is a young punk knitter in San Francisco.

Lime and Violet
are hysterical.

The Knitting Cook talks about all things fiber and includes a new recipe with each episode.

Unwound talks about all things fiber (knitting and crochet)


CrochetCast is new and improved with a co-host!!.


Craft Borg. Resistance is truly futile.

CraftCast with Alison Lee is in it's second year!!

One of my personal favorites: CraftSanity.

CraftyPod has a new home, but the same great shows!


Material Mama reviews patterns, talks about inspiration and covers all things sewing.

There were a number of other podcasts that I would follow that have stopped producing. And yes, Alex Anderson has a podcast but they don't see fit to include an RSS feed. (subscribing to it on ITunes is the only way to learn of updates). I didn't particularly like the couple episodes I listened to.

So is there anyone else out there who I should have on this list??

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