Monday, March 12, 2007

Shout outs!

This weekend for some strange reason, I've been checking my SiteMeter stats. I do this only occasionally, become obsessed for a couple of days, then forget that I can do it at all. So little time, so many distractions.


A shout out for whomever regularly stops by for a second from Hayward! Howdy southern neighbor. Why don't you introduce yourself? We can have a cuppa sometime.

I've also had recent neighborly visitors from Oakland, Walnut Creek, Stanford and San Jose. I can guess the identity of a couple of you (Hi Sally and Jane), but not the others (well, one I have an unlikely guess...) Like I said, say howdy!! Let's do lunch!!

The foreign visitors are intriguing:

Lochristi, Oost-Vlaanderen (that's in Belgium) who found me by an unknown method.
Ankar, Turkey searching on the term: a stitch in time.
Moscow, Russia who found me from Virginia Speigel's fund raiser.
Taizhou, Jiangsu China. unknown what brought them to me.
Brataslava, Slovakia. I distant relative? My paternal grandmother was born near there.
Sarajavo, Bosnia and Hertzegovina Sadly, looking for "straight line stitch lyric" on Google.

I've had visitors from 16 countries!! Little ole me!

OH my goodness!!! Steph, the Yarn Harlot may have stopped by!!

Well, several of her readers have clicked in from a comment I left there this past week.

Darn, I wish I'd known.. I'd have prettied the place up and maybe shown you some knitting!
If you don't normally read her, and missed her week of home renovation, go read it now.

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