Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Sundries (3/11)

Sundry #1: Are you familiar with INHALE? It's a yoga program that Oxygen broadcasts each weekday morning at 6 am. I often tune it in (even when I don't actually do it). Good music and gentle way to wake up.

But now I can actually do most of the moves again. (isn't it remarkable when surgery actually works and restores something you've lost??)

There is one of their participants with whom I identify the most skill-wise; he's a tall slightly pudgy black dude with balance issues who doesn't get enough air time. Instead they show all these incredibly competent practitioners whose balance and flexibility make me feel even klutzier.

Anyway, a week or so ago they were playing the exact same episode every day. I think the dialogue memorized. Thank goodness they started rotating through the shows again, or I was going to have to stop.

Sundry #2: It's disheartening to spend hours working on a post, to edit it, spell-check it, re-write it several times, publish it and then find 2 more typos. I want to pretend that the typos are part of the charm of blogging, but I can't.

Sundry #3: I appear to have caught a spring cold. The power of Zicam seems to be making it a short one.

Sundry #4: Saturday I watched 7 buzzards soaring up the small valley behind my house. They came from nowhere, organized, flew in perfect spirals, then broke apart, returning to nowhere.

Sundry #5: I don't know why.. but I am so happy that Daylight Savings Time is back! To celebrate I slept for almost 7 hours straight!

Sundry #6: I just finished reading Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck. Good book, fast read. I recommend it. However, I don't feel bad about my neck. My jowls, however, are another story.

Now I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife. Quite a different book. It tells the story of a couple when the woman lives in normal time, and the husband has a genetic condition that pulls his body in and out of time. So far it's charming and different enough that I pay attention to the details.

How can you choose to love someone who is constantly disappearing? when you don't know when they will appear again? Or be able to love someone when you never know which person you will see from moment to the next?

Sundry #7: While I was an early fan of Project Runway and will still watch Top Chef, I have given up on Top Designer. It had potential; but Todd Oldham is no Tim Gunn, nor even a Tom Collichio. I think we've all come to realize that the personality of the host/ess is an important factor.

The show just seems dull, dull, dull.

A new season of Project Runway cannot come soon enough!!

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