Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spotlighting An Artist

Have you seen the work of Ashley Cecil, who blogs at The Painting Journalist? Ashley is a Kentucky artist who researches topics in social activism then creates painting that reflect or represent some aspect of each concern. When these paintings are sold, a portion of the proceeds are returned to the organization originally researched.

As she says on her "About" page:
I’m addressing philanthropic issues utilizing painting as my medium of communication. Much like a photojournalist, I travel to locations/events of cultural interest and capture them, only with my brush. My talent is as an artist, my passion is advocating for social change; this is how the two work together.
Recently, Ashley has been blogging about her trip to Venezuala, where she admitted:
The best possible approach I’ve come up with thus far for reporting on what I was exposed to in Venezuela is to simply play storyteller. I’m absolutely overwhelmed. I left for Caracas concerned that I was stretching the truth with my coverall statement, “It’s perfectly safe. I’ve done my homework.” Friends leaning left were eager for a report back, and some friends leaning right seemed insulted that I was even going.

I’ve come back to Kentucky in a dumb-founded state of culture shock, and possibly more unsure on where I stand on political theory.
You can check all her available paintings in her gallery.

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