Friday, March 23, 2007

The Skirt Potentials....

So this weekend is the Virtual Retreat with a couple of my friends. Instead of working on any quilts, I will be working on making some skirts for the summertime. I have a 2 week cruise on the Med to get ready for... and a long weekend in Chicago the end of the July.

My mantra for summertime: look dressed while feeling naked.

Skirts do that for me a lot.

I'll be starting with the tulip skirt I showed a couple days ago, but probably going on to another pattern after I get the first few under my belt, so to speak.

Now the potential skirt fabrics

This Navy, Gray and White Ikat is a perfect fabric for summertime, and just what was called for in the skirt pattern. Picked it up at StoneMountain and Daughter a couple months ago.

I was completely unsure about using this plaid, until my friend Roberta "draped" it as a skirt. It will go with almost every t-shirt and tank I own, and it looks fine. This is probably going to be the second skirt I work on. Where did I get this fine fabric? My friend Linda gave me this just before she died.
This is a fine lineny fabric that I found at JoAnne's (of all places!) It's got all the colors I normally wear, it's light and so pretty!
Well, look at the closeup below.. isn't this pretty?? (OK, it need to be ironed!!)
This stripe is another StoneMountain find. It didn't photograph as nicely as it looks in person. There is a small gold thread running through it. It will be a great casual skirt (maybe another pattern??)
What a dreadful photo! It's a black and white check.. mostly white. These just don't photograph well. A rayon that is light and breezy and will float over hips and legs on humid days. I have a feeling it will be a bit of a pain to lay out and cut, so it will be my last project, in case I need to get help.

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