Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fly-by and Feed Me...

Today was one of those days; nothing but errands and searching for distractions. I'm avoiding. Can't quite figure out what exactly I'm avoiding.

I drove out early this morning for a "cold supply" stop at the drug store before my trip to the gym. Home for lunch and a quick check online: please feed my mind something. please someone try to connect with me...

Off to a doctor's appointment (1 hour wait to see him), stop at the pharmacy (20 minute wait to drop off the rx and be told to wait 1.5 hours more for it to be filled). Nah. Home. And another quick check for something, anything, online to distract me, to fill an hour, to make me feel not so alone. Nothing out there for that today.

Get the dogs a short walk, stop and exchange tanks of propane and it's time to start thinking about supper. The whole day gone.

I feel the isolation today, the emptiness, the what???

I hope tomorrow is better.
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