Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Attention Artists

I heard this morning that Rob Breszny is seeking artwork for his CD covered and books. Although I have little experience with him, while reading his text several of you regular readers came to mind. I think he would like your work.

What imagery do I like? What am I looking for? I don't necessarily know (surprise me!), but I am drawn to neo-primitive, archetypal imagery that blends ancient myth and future revelation.

Sound like you? Think about it.

While checking out Rob's website, I found this amazing Prayer For You. It has several stanzas.. I think I shall read one each day (or week) and just try to take it in wholly. For example:

Dear Goddess, You who never kill but only change:

I pray that my exuberant, suave and accidental words will move you to shower ferocious blessings down on everyone who reads this benediction.

I pray that you will give them what they don't even know they want -- not just the boons they think they need but everything they've always been afraid to even imagine or ask for.

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