Thursday, March 27, 2008

Working It in Style

Stamped, Bleached, Dyed and Full
A couple weeks ago, I asked what to do with a few t-shirts that still looked OK on my although they were a larger size than I am currently wearing. The shoulders hung below the shoulder line, leaving lots of extra room through the bust.

I decided to keep them. In the middle of summer, there will be days when I want clothing that simple hangs looser on my body and lets more air flow.

This is one of those shirts.

I used the last of my discharge paste and a cheap stamp from JoAnne's to stamp the front of this shirt (thus hiding the food stains that live there). After processing, I threw it in with a couple other things getting some turquoise dye.

And now I have a cool new workout shirt to wear to the gym. Which is where I headed right after taking this photo. Ain't it purty?

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