Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Have You Said Goodbye?

This week, one of close friends is dealing the sudden diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (suddenly this is everywhere!) in a frail mother who likely will not survive the week. She had not speaking much to her mother these past months, hurt and angered at some behavior from her parents.

Friend told friendB, friendC that just last week she decided to give up her anger. You cannot judge the righteousness of her anger, as you do not know the circumstance. We can all applaud her maturity for freely letting it go. I'm sure we can imagine how the news of her mother's illness would have been received differently if it were piled on top of bitterness.

Instead of simply shock and deep sadness (and I know, simply seems so inappropriate here), Friend would be dealing with mountains of regret for time wasted. Eventually, she would have had to try and reconcile her anger and her loss in the void of a motherless time.

Thankfully, she's going home with atleast a little less baggage to carry.

Which leads me my question. If you have one or both parents still alive, have you said a hearfelt and meaningful good bye to them yet? Have you spoken the words you want them to hear before they die? If you were get a phone call saying a parent had passed in the night, would your soul feel at peace or would you still have regret for unspoken words.

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